Task 53
Task 53
SHC Task 53

New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating

IEA SHC Task 53 - Solar Cooling Austrian Workshop

October 3, 2018, 2:00 - 6:00 PM
Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann
Sackstraße 3
8010 Graz


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SHC Task 53: New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems
(PV or solar thermally driven systems)

Task 53 WorkshopThe activities of the SHC Task 53 not only addresses solar-thermally driven heating, cooling and air-conditioning processes, but also expands its technology and system focus by combining photovoltaics with electrical heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology. Based on the findings and experiences from national and international projects on 'Solar Cooling and Heating' and 'Photovoltaics', the Austrian partners provide expertise, nationally developed SHC system concepts and methods. Furthermore, the Austrian participants actively contribute to the success of SHC Task 53 by coordinating and managing some tasks.

The international SHC Task 53 working group consists of research and business partners from Australia, China, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

The SHC Task 53 provides are a collection of suitable documents, guidelines and instruments, which support the national market players to realize high-quality, robust, reliable and energy-efficient SHC plants. Thus, SHC Task 53 delivers key information to support an increased deployment of the new generation of solar heating and cooling systems.

Following topics in the field of solar heating and cooling were discussed at the national IEA SHC Task 53 workshop:

• General information about the Task 53 goals and results
• Selected contribution from Austrian partners within the SHC Task 53
• National research projects, realized systems and innovative products for solar cooling


Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

Venue: Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann, Graz, Austria


14:00 Welcome and official workshop start
(Alexander Thür, Austrian participant of SHC Task 53)

14:10 Welcoming Words
(Theo Zillner, bmvit)

14:20 Keynote to solar cooling and presentation to SHC Task 53
(Daniel Mugnier, Operating Agent of SHC task 53)

Selected Austrian contribution to SHC Task 53 

15:00 Task53E4 Tool – Development
(Daniel Neyer; brainworks, Universität Innsbruck)

15:30 Assessment and comparison of SHC System performance
(Rebekka Köll, AEE INTEC)

16:00   Coffee break

National R&D projects, realized plants and products

16:20 CoolSkin Concept
(Daniel Brandl, IWT – Technical University of Innsbruck of Graz)

16:40 Solar Hybrid (Neyer)
(Daniel Neyer; brainworks, University of Innsbruck)

17:00 Worldwide installed and operated:
Large Scale System for solar thermally driven Cooling Systems

(Christian Holter; S.O.L.I.D.)

17:20 FREESCOO – Promising small scale and compact desiccant cooling system
(Alexander Thür, University of Innsbruck)

17:40   Discussion
(Moderation Daniel Neyer)

18:00 Workshop End

Contact: Rebekka Koell