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Task 53
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New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating

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Solar Cooling at Intersolar 2019
his year’s Intersolar Europe, which took place in Munich, featured a conference session titled Solar, the new cool? Among the speakers at this solar cooling event, held on 15 May, were Daniel Mugnier and Uli Jakob, former members of the IEA SHC research platform New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems (2014-2018), who gave an update on the current situation in the market and spoke about prospects for growth.
Posted: 2019-06-03

Solar air-conditioning training for energy professionals
Around 40 attendees from Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe benefitted from a three-day training course on Solar Cooling and Air Conditioning at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, late last November.
Posted: 2019-01-04

Quality principles for solar air conditioning systems
The latest generation of solar air conditioning systems comes in a vast variety of configurations. As shown in the diagram above, their source of energy is either solar heat or electricity. Some include storage tanks and can provide hot water or space heating in addition to space cooling.
Posted: 2018-10-26

Task 53 Holds Workshop at ISEC Conference
On October 3, 2018, participants from IEA SHC Task 53 held a workshop called the Solar Cooling Austrian Workshop in Graz, Austria in conjuction with the International Sustainable Energy Conference.
Posted: 2018-10-04

Solar Cooling Workshop to be held in Conjunction with Task 53 Experts Meeting
One day after the final Task meeting the Solar Cooling Workshop hosted by ILK Dresden will present some major results of Task 53 to the public.
Posted: 2018-03-28

Solar cooling increases annual solar fraction
Solar cooling could be an effective way to increase the annual solar fraction of domestic hot water production and prevent the solar system from overheating in summer.
Posted: 2018-03-02

SHC Industry Roadmap for Australia
Despite Australia’s high levels of solar irradiation and rising energy costs, its solar heating and cooling market has been in decline each year since 2010.
Posted: 2018-02-10

IEA SHC: Most Effective Solar Cooling Storage Technologies
Scientists from IEA SHC Task 53, New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems, have compared the cost, efficiency and adaptability of solar cooling storage solutions and are now creating a report about the technologies most suitable for a given application.
Posted: 2017-09-29

IEA SHC Task 53: Innovative Solar Cooling Systems
The biggest challenge for a small market like the solar cooling one – which has still a long way to go – is how to reduce system costs. One way to achieve this objective besides increasing market volume is standardisation.
Posted: 2017-03-13

Task 53 7th Experts Meeting scheduled for April 19-20 in Messina, Italy
The 7th Experts Meeting for IEA SHC Task 53 will be held April 19-20, 2017 in Messina, Italy.
Posted: 2017-02-20