Task 53
Task 53
SHC Task 53

New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating

SUNCOOL / Task 53 Workshop in Karlstad (Sweden) 09/10/2014


Jointly with the SUNCOOL / Climatewell project
 at Löfbergs AB - Karlstad - 9am/13pm

Presentation of the first results from subtask A: Survey of existing new generation systems (Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL)

Presentation of the research and development work, leading up to the Suncool collectors (Climatewell)

Presentation of the system solution and control strategy (Climatewell)

Visit to the demonstration installation

Presentation of measurement data from the installation (Climatewell)

Presentation of lessons learned from the system engineering and installation (Climatewell)                                             

Source (Climatewell)

Workshop with Q&A and discussion around 2-3 research topics